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I grew up in a family that was continually making things of all kinds, which engendered a fondness in me for art and beautiful objects that have been lovingly crafted. Documenting the process of artists and crafts people in creating their work is my way of celebrating this. In particular, what interests me is the relationship between the artist and his or her artwork - the creative endeavour.

Avtarjeet Dhanjal - Sculptor (View Portfolio)

I met Avtarjeet when he lived next door to me in South London. He was already an established sculptor securing commissions for public installations and exhibiting widely. I started working with him to interpret his work in slate photographically for publication in magazines, which resulted in a selection of these images being used in the Hayward Gallery catalogue of his work and other Afro Asian artists in the UK.

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Seri Culture in Thailand (View Portfolio)

Silk has been produced, dyed and woven into intricate fabrics for thousands of years. Udon Thani in the North of Thailand is a region particularly renowned for its production of fine silk today and the cottage industry as well as numerous manufacturing centres are thriving. These images are the start of a project to document the history and development of Sericulture.

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Art of Nang Talung (View Portfolio)

The Nang Talung Museum in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand tracks the history and development of shadow puppet play over 200 years with examples of puppets, scenery and musical instruments from different periods including examples from India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey. This is the beginning of a project to document the art of Nang Talung.

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