Bhutan (View Portfolios)

This small country populated by some 600,000 people is protected by its landscape and has evolved a highly individual culture, largely unimpeded by outside influence. Having relatively recently opened their nation's frontiers to a limited number of visitors, the Bhutanese people now engage the modern world with a clear vision and quiet determination to keep their way of life unspoiled. These images offer a visitors view of this unique Himalayan country.

Thailand (View Portfolio)

This is a vast, mostly rural country with a population of about 70 million of which about 14 million live in and around Bangkok. On this trip to Thailand I wanted to familiarize myself with places that were not frequented by tourists - so with Bangkok as my base I flew to its the southern tip to Nakhon Si Thammarat for the religious and cultural life there and then north east to Udon Thani, a relatively poor industrial area that is historically renowned for its production of fine silk.

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