I learnt my craft in photojournalism at what was the London College of Printing (now Communication) in 1989 and at the end of that course I received a prize for this photograph submitted to the South Bank Photography Competition, entitled 'Paul's Birthday Party'. Paul incidentally is the adult in the picture.

Bonfire Night in Lewes (View Portfolios)

The photographs in this slideshow were mostly taken on 5th Nov 2011. It commemorates the deaths of 17 protestant martyrs that were burnt at the stake locally under the rule of 'Bloody Mary' the Catholic Queen in the 16th century. Although the ritual burning involves the familiar Guy Fawkes there are also other figureheads that succumb, notably the Pope Paul V and this year Colonel Gaddafi.

Busking Underground (View Portfolios)

This was an early assignment for the London College of Printing, which marked my move into the picture story. These images were originally captured on film, which has been digitally scanned. Prior to the Kings Cross fire, buskers were not welcome on the London underground. The law changed in 2001 to allow licensed busking - there are currently 356 licensed buskers operating at 22 stations.

Ceramic Workshop in Finland (View Portfolios)

On a rainy afternoon in Turku I asked Brian Keaney, Co-founder if I could take photographs in his ceramic workshop. It was the creative process, sense of craft and the shapes of the objects that attracted me. Tonfisk Design Ltd. was established in 1999 by two ceramic artists with some original ideas about design. Today they promote the work of a whole group of similarly minded ceramic artists.

Association for Family Therapy News Magazine (View Portfolio)

I was responsible for supplying and sourcing visual images to illustrate this in-house magazine for Family Therapists from 1989-2000 and in 1999 I acted as Guest Editor for one issue entitled 'Chronic Illness'. My own images appear in 23 issues and this slideshow includes a sample of them. I now have an historical archive of images of family therapists that may be of interest to those working and writing in that field. Contact me if you are intersting in using any for editorial work.

Working Croft on the Isle of Skye (View Portfolio)

Traditional Crofts are part of community heritage on the Isle of Skye yet have increasingly become financially unviable to run. Now they are considered more a 'labour of love.' Richard and Fiona Gazeley moved from London to Skye and were bequeathed the running of this working croft by an elderly woman who was unable to keep it going herself - although not native Scots she could see this couple's heart was in the right place.

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